Codid-19 Update

Due to the newly updated policy regarding essential and non-essential businesses, all construction related business has been determined to be non-essential. This directly effects our survey crew and so we have decided to honor the work stoppage and allow our … Continued


During this trying time we have received many emails regarding how businesses are operating during a quarantine. Our sympathies go to those effected by the COVID-19 virus. While this outbreak may affect the location of our employees and possibly limit … Continued

FRETOC changes recommended for approval by Planning Commission!

The Pierce County Planning Commission has recommended approval of the Comprehensive Plan and Community Plan changes to the Pierce County Council. The community came out with overwhelming support for the Frederickson Town Center and the changes to the community plan … Continued


Gathering community support for zoning changes to create a more vital central shopping area in Frederickson. The Frederickson Land Use Advisory Commission was scheduled for a public hearing on comprehensive plan and community plan amendments initiated by the Pierce County … Continued

Progress on Point Ruston

Azure Green Consultants is providing construction staking services for the Point Ruston project. When completed Point Ruston is going to be great project in a spectacular setting.


The City of Puyallup is planning to adopt the Stormwater Management Manual for Western Washington (revised 2005) in February 2010. These regulations will have a very significant impact on most properties when they develop or redevelop. On some sites that … Continued